Phytoremediation: An Overview

The serious implication for human health and the environment is metal pollution which comes from the anthropogenic activities. Heavy metal pollution have the severe effect on health of the ecosystem including animal, plants and human health which may cause many harmful diseases like cardiovascular diseases, anemia, cancer, kidney failure etc. To overcome this pollution remediation technologies play a vital role and helps to remediate metals by applying different remediation technologies like chemical, physical and biological methods but all these technologies have many drawbacks and is not ecofriendly. Among all the remediation techniques Phytoremediation is one of the effective, safest and the most innovative tools to remediate heavy metals. It is a green technology with good public perception. Phytoremediation includes its types which are Phytoextraction, Phytodegradation and Rhizofilteration. This review article explains Phytoremediation and its types.


Iqra Tabassum

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