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N-Doped Porous Activated Carbon Monolith Using for CO2/N2 Selectivity

Hierarchical porous carbon (HPC) monolithic with 3D network has received considerable attention due to their potentially technological application as candidates for electrochemical energy storage devices such as capacitors, lithium ion batteries, solar cells, sorbent for toxic gas separation and greenhouse gas capture for their well-defined pore dimensions and topologies. Synthetic polymer based hierarchical nano structured carbons are particularly attractive for their consistent pore dimensions which can be adjustable on long length scales, so that infusibility of guest species could be improved through its unique hierarchical pores. N-doped HPC monoliths exhibit multifaceted features such as tunable textural properties, excellent thermal and chemical stability, which are remarkable physicochemical properties that are answerable for micro/nanostructure porous carbons perfect candidates for emerging substrates in nanotechnology science.


Akram Alabadi

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