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Kinetics of coherently synchronized peroxidase reaction of ethyl alcohol by green oxidizing agent - hydrogen peroxide

Kinetics in the model system of reaction of ethyl alcohol conversion to acetaldehyde peroxidase by hydrogen peroxide in the presence of an iron porphyrin-containing biomimetic catalyst were studied. Application of such oxidation system, as shown by experimental results, meets the basic requirements of the Green Chemistry concept. The process was carried out in the gas phase at the temperature of 180°C and atmospheric pressure on per-FTPhPFe3+OH/Al2O3heterogeneous biomimetic catalyst using 20% hydrogen peroxide. As a result of the process acetaldehyde was obtained with the yield of 93.5% and selectivity of 98%(taking into account the loss).Through the experimental study of kinetic laws of ethyl alcohol peroxidase reaction, coherently synchronized nature of the mechanism of ethyl alcohol conversion to acetaldehyde by hydrogen peroxide on the surface of the biomimetic was identified. Thereby there was a need for a special approach to the kinetic modeling of this reaction. The mechanism presented demonstrates that the following two interconnected and interacting reactions proceed in this system: the reaction ofН2Ð?2decomposition of and the reaction of peroxidase oxidation of ethyl alcohol.


Tofik Nagiev 

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