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Alternate Sources of Energy in the forms of Liquid Fuel from Solid Waste Plastic

Energy is the first and foremost essential factor for modern developmental activities, such as movement of goods and services, driving the industrial machines and ensuring agricultural production. Energy plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. Today energy scarcity is everywhere all over the world. Day by day the energy crisis is becoming more and more dire, on the other hand natural resources is being consumed at an alarming rate. Our natural environment is being degraded in numerous ways due to unplanned human activities. If the deterioration of the natural environment is continued in such a manner there is a possibility that earth will no longer be suitable for human survival. Scientists, politicians and social activists are paying serious attention to discovering possible new arena of energy sources as well as implementing new technology to save our environment for future generations. Alternate sources of energy are an important research field in today’s world. A great deal of research and development has focused on biomass, solar, wind, bio fuel, biodiesel, geothermal, to name a few.These alternate energy sources of energy have certain limitations; some are not technically sound, others are not economically viable or environmentally friendly. Waste Technologies LLC (WTL) has developed a ground breaking technology in the conversion of waste plastics into liquid hydrocarbon fuel. WTL technology is capable of converting almost all types of abundant waste plastics into hydrocarbon fuel that can power any internal combustion engine. WTL is expanding its unique technologies and building commercial faculties in all over the world.


Moinuddin Sarker

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