Bio-based Polymeric Materials from Epoxidized Triglyceride and Rosin Derivatives

In this study, bio-based polymeric materials have been developed from plant oil and rosin derivative. An acid-catalyzed curing of epoxidized soybean oil (ESO) in the presence of rosin derivative produced the transparent bio-based materials. The resulting polyESO/rosin derivatives exhibited excellent flexiblity. Dynamic viscoelasticity analysis presented the formation of the homogeneous structure of ESO polymer and rosin components. The incorporation of the rosin components improved the thermal properties and increased elongation at break. Furthermore, the present materials showed high adhesion property. The development of the bio-based materials from inexpensive renewable resources, plant oil and rosins, is expected to contribute to global sustainability systems.


Tsujimoto T, Ueda H, Kageyama H and Hiroshi Uyama

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